Current Building

In 1982 we were able to buy the lots north of the old chapel building. Money that had been put aside into a building fund and a generous gift from Flo Antonides made the purchase possible. This put the interested families to praying and planning how a church could and would be built. Then a remarkable “meeting” happened at the Chicago, O’Hare Airport:

Bud and Verna Donahue were neighbors of Jim and Bess Clarke and were also part of the group wanting to see a church built. Bud was a pilot for United Airlines. While in Chicago, in line to board his flight home, Bud began talking to the man next to him, John Freeman, who happened to be from Marble, CO. John Freemen told Bud he was head of volunteer group from The Seventh Day Adventist church called “the Maranatha Builders”. He said, “We build churches, schools, and hospitals all over the world. I don’t see why we can’t do one in Redstone.” When Bud returned home he got together with Doug Self and within the year the Maranatha group arrived and working together with the community built the Church of Redstone within three weeks.

Please refer to the stained glass page to review the stories about the stained glass donated by several of the parishioners.

From the beginning the goal was for our worship services to be informal and personal to reflect the more casual atmosphere of the valley residents. We felt that by avoiding formality and pretensions that we would more accurately convey our conviction that Christianity is a practical matter relevant to everyday life.

We decided in the beginning that we would take no offering nor ask for money. We realized that we would have to really trust God to be the one to prompt people to contribute.

Some excerpts taken from 10th Anniversary Book 1977-1987, and an interview with Mrs. Bess Clarke, August 2006.