It’s Time to Leap at the Opportunity

This is a leap year, but the ultimate calendar leap wasn’t in February but in October. In 1582, by the decree of Pope Gregory XIII, the day after Thursday October 4 was Friday, October 15. That ten-day adjustment was necessary to correct for an error in the Julian calendar.
To this day we still live under the domineering authority of calendars. The days march forward relentlessly and we feel like we are racing to keep up!
The Greek language has a couple of words for time. One is chronos, which refers to time we can measure.
The other is kairos. It pays attention to the passing of time not by counting minutes but by watching for special moments. Chronos looks at time as a quantity while kairos watches for time with a certain quality.
When living by chronos we count off the 365 days in a year. We track the number of hours we work. We have our list of things to do and calculate how much time it will take to get them done.
But living by chronos can cause us to miss the more important kairos view: watching for special moments and seasons.
Instead of looking at time only as equal grains of sand slipping through an hourglass, kairos invites us to sift through the sand to find the nuggets of opportunity.
We want to use our time wisely, but that doesn’t necessarily mean cramming as much as we can into each day. Instead we want to watch for those rare moments when we clearly know the step we need to take to be in synch with the divine purpose.
Wise indeed is the person who lives each day looking for those unpredictable moments when God’s will and purpose intersect with our daily walk.
And they can happen anytime! A friend calls you out of the blue and you are able to give a good word of encouragement. Your child asks a question that opens up a brief but invaluable conversation. A coworker is having a difficult time and you seize the moment to lend support.
Kairos can’t be planned and it certainly can’t be forced. The best you can do is pay attention and grab hold of those moments when you realize God has placed a divine appointment on your calendar!

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