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Pastor Bruce Gledhill is the third pastor to serve the church at Redstone. He came to the church in September of 2000. Bruce is a native of Kansas and a graduate of Manhattan (KS) Christian College, Kansas State University, and Denver Seminary. He has served one church in Kansas and two in Colorado. He is a certified school teacher and has spent part of his career teaching in the public schools. He and his wife Connie have a son and daughter who are married and between them have seven children. Bruce is one of the co-facilitators of “Ski Country Pastors’ Network,” a regional organization for pastors and other ministry leaders. He enjoys outdoor activities like bicycle riding, tennis and hiking.
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Automatic Response System

Indicator lights have benefits. They notify us that there’s something wrong inside the engine and we need to deal with it right away. God designed us with an automatic response system that we call emotions. Don’t ignore your built in warning signals of emotions. They’re designed to keep you from neglecting your own internal maintenance.

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Diplomas and Maturity

You probably know someone who will wear the cap and gown this month. Graduation isn’t the end point, but just a rest stop along the way. Likewise, our quest for spiritual and emotional maturity is a lifelong journey. And remember, the dictionary is the only place where maturity comes before perseverance, values, and work.

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A World of Difference

The endless variety in our world can be frustrating when we try to categorize things. But the incredible extent of diversity points to creation by an infinitely creative intelligence. And that awareness of a divine creator provides a basis for us to extend honor and respect to the uniqueness of each person.

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Beauty and Danger

“Enjoy looking but don’t touch.” Many of the things that pose danger to us make their initial appearance in one of those three ways: presenting an attractive appearance, offering to satisfy a physical hunger, or promising to make us wise.

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A Woman of Faith, A Community of Love

Shirley Thomson was a woman of faith. Her deep faith in God was the foundation and guiding principle of her life. It made all the difference in the way she faced life and in the way she faced death.

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