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A Christmas Bargain

Personal Christmas cards give us the opportunity to express something that’s at the heart of Christmas. The Christmas story tells about God reaching out to communicate love. Christmas cards let us do that same thing with people we rarely see and who live far away.

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Happy – Merry – Thanky – Christo – Year

Thanksgiving redirects our view to the goodness of life and the graciousness of the Creator. With that attitude in our hearts, the holidays offer a real opportunity to celebrate and be joyful.

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Let There Be Light

What you do on Oct. 22 may not go down in the history books. But each day you encounter some unique opportunities where you alone have the ability to bring light into the life of another person.

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Under Construction

Our lives are a hardhat area. When we step back and allow God to be the project manager for the construction work in us, we can have more peace about the process and a higher expectation of a good result.

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Fragile, Handle With Care

Perhaps thinking about death seems too morbid, so we could say, “It’s good to have reminders (like a rickety bridge railing) of how fragile and fleeting life is.” And it’s even better to have the lantern of faith to illuminate the realities beyond this life that are not fragile!

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